About Me


"The most beautiful makeup for woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy."

                                  -yves Saint Laurent


"I believe in make up. The power to heal, the power of expression. Makeup artistry has allowed my love of the fashion industry to be intertwined with my passion for the arts. A face is such an inspiring canvas that never ceases to inspire me to new levels of creation."    Cassie 


Cassie Bledsoe is a makeup artist in New York. She enjoys a diverse and varied assignments:  Runway, editorial, beauty, and commercial. She has spent previous years as a freelance artist for companies like M.A.C, NARS, and Aveda. She has been recognized on a national and global level.

 Some credits include:

New York Fashion Week

Making the Cut for Amazon Prime

Vogue Italia 


Glamour Magazine

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